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Samantha is a Chicago-based stand up comedian and writer for The A.V. Club TV Show on Fusion. Her weekly stand-up showcase, CAMP: A Comedy Show, was recently featured in Chicago Magazine, Time Out Chicago, and Vulture. She is the newest producer of We Still Like You, a shame-based storytelling show with branches in Los Angeles, Denver, and Louisville. Most importantly, she knows all the secrets in Super Mario World.


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Bout Time



Welcome Dirty Birdies (CAW CAW) to THIS Friday episode of BOUT TIME!! This week we have two talented comedians Andy Fleming (30 characters podcast) and Samantha Berkman (from the AV Club and the weekly show Camp)! Andy and Samantha Berkman talk favorite comedic performance, worst they've ever been in trouble, and what a weird show we have. SIT BACK AND ENJOY! Feel free to send us an email at See you next Friday! Same Bout Time Same Bout Channel.


Sean and Patrick Presents: Bout Time! Bout time is a show driven by laughter featuring sketches, interviews, music and hilarious conversations. Co-hosts Sean and Patrick will often have special guests stop by the show to play along.



episode summary:

This week I sat down with Sam Berkman to talk about when she pegged a guy during a one night stand and things got a little messy. Sam produces a show called Camp: A Comedy Show, along with Tessa Orzech. Follow her here:

about ladylike:

Ladylike is the podcast where women, non-binary, and femme-identifying individuals tell their most disgusting stories. Sex mishaps, illness, drinking stories, shitting your pants on the bus: We've got it all! This podcast is hosted and produced by Gena Gephart with new episodes every Monday. Our live show happens every third Monday of the month in Chicago. Follow Ladylike: Contact us:

Please Make This


episode summary:

Odessa is a proud young woman, and for good reason. She is the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong, the cleverest of the clever. When her friends want to go out for a night of party-hopping, it’s only natural that they turn to her to lead them. Can Odessa lead a motley crew of young drunks (including her naive little sister) around Chicago and make it back in time to snuggle up to her beau? Will she (with the distant aid of her wise eldest sister) be able to keep the group together and navigate a night of drinking contests, arrogant party-boys, seductive taco joints and one sinister cyclist, or will she and her sister miss The Last Train Home?! Read The Script Here!: Starring: Le Aboav Samantha Berkman Spencer D Blair Ian Erickson Richie Owens Hobert Thompson With Stephanie Weber as Odessa

about please make this:

Please Make This is a podcast where Hobert Thompson, Spencer Blair, Richie Owens, and a guest writer, come up with, and then write scenes from, a movie that Hollywood needs to make. Then, actors come in and do a table read of the scenes to bring the movies to life!

Sell Me a Pup



Chels and Brandon get deep into that nitty gritty with Samantha Berkman about the classic Nintendo game Donkey Kong Country Music Awards and watch a true master make an MS-paint masterpiece. To see Samantha's creation, check out Sell Me a Pup's page at


In the early 20th century, the phrase "sell me a dog" became synonymous with lies breeders told about their dogs in order to more easily sell them. In "Sell Me A Pup," hosts Brandon Kirkman, Chels Harvey and their dog-intern Ryan ask Chicago's best comics and improvisers to do just that: review great pop culture that you may not already know because they're making it up on the spot. Join the gang as they discuss the best music, movies, video games, books and television series, both real and invented, playing games and conducting reviews to sell us that pup.


30 Characters



Welcome to the fifth episode of 30 Characters. Join Andy Fleming, Joe Fernandez and Matt Riggs as they welcome their second ever guest, comedian Samantha Berkman! The four of them are forced to sit around and talk until at least 30 different characters join the show. This week we are joined by such people as...nah, you gotta listen to see. Have fun! Also, come to the Laugh Factory Chicago, first Sunday of Every month for Character Assassination at 7pm! Theme song by Brett Gretzky Logo by Chris R

about 30 characters:

Comedians Andy Fleming, Joe Fernandez and Matt Riggs sit in a room and can't leave until at least 30 characters show up. It's like improv, but if it was funny.


What About Chicago?


episode summary:

Your weekly show exploring the cutting edge of Chicago's art, music, entertainment and culture featuring your host Rahim Salaam. This weeks guests are Samantha Berkman and Tessa Orzech, local comedians and organizers of "Camp: a Comedy Show" at the Village Tap. 

about what about chicago?:

What About Chicago?!", is a weekly audio show/podcast exploring the cutting edge of live art, music and cultural performances going on in and around the great city of Chicago. It is hosted by accomplished musician/raconteur Rahim (Rageing) Salaam. The true mission of the show is to share and expose parties, events, meetings, gatherings, exhibitions, etc., that tend to fly under the radar of mainstream participation. 

Performance Review


episode summary:

Today we are talking to lovable Chicago goofball, Samantha Berkman. I met Sam at a showcase out of the Lincoln Tap just over three years ago, where she invited me to take pictures at the first ever CAMP show. We became fast friends and she saved my number in her phone as “Baldy McFuckface.” CAMP is now a successful comedy showcase that features top-shelf comedians. Aside from her beloved weekly show, Sam is also a former writer for the AV Club television show, and a brilliant performer.

about performance review:

Performance Revue is a Chicago-based show that gets to the heart of an artist’s inspiration and process. Each week, you’ll meet a performer, hear (and watch) their set, and indulge in an in-depth discussion about how their act has been developed. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in the head of a veteran comedian, musician, or actor, this show is for you.

Scapi Radio


episode summary:

We sit down with Samantha Berkman and Tessa Orzech from Camp: A Comedy Show to talk about the spectrum of open mics to showcases, cultivating a welcome audience, knowing when to set guidelines in a way that builds community, and guess which cat falls asleep in their own neck fat?

about scapi radio:

Scapi Magazine is an online arts magazine and podcast serving the Chicago, Illinois area. Scapi Magazine is dedicated to exposing our community to emerging artists, supporting new artistic mediums, and shining light on current cultural issues through informed, independent journalism.


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